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Well, this June will be 14 years on deviantART for me, that's a little nuts. 

I am sorry I haven't been using this account very much. My mermaid work has taken over my life. I have two mermaid accounts, one for stock: MermaidStock that I made because so many people were going through my main deviantART to try and buy stock! And then I have RainaMermaid where I put up the final versions of images. I try to keep the mermaid stuff separate from this account now. 

So first off, DA has changed SO MUCH I recently read about it being sold. I just do not find the activity level is at all what it used to be so even on my other accounts I find it hard to check in all the time as not much seems to be happening. 

My mermaid stuff really took off. I mean, it's a bit nuts. I've published 3 books now, won awards, ran the largest mermaid documentary, appeared in all major news outlets, and just landed a documentary. 

I've since had braces, and now have straight teeth! Sean and I are still together and this summer will mark 10 years. I still struggle with my chronic illness. I do a little photography here and there and usually once a year non-mermaid modelling. I am just too busy. 

I'm 31 now which is nuts when you think I joined DA when I was 17. It's so weird for me to look through this old gallery, what a time capsule! 

Who of my followers is even still active? Say hello! :wave:

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I rarely use this account anymore. I just don't have time to model or do photography outside of my business. Most of my stuff is now on :iconrainamermaid: because it's my business. I can't believe I have had this account for 13 years it's a little nuts. I still keep tabs on it, lots of memories... but I don't like posting the mermaid stuff here and mixing my business with some of my other stuff haha. 

Anyway I have been teaching my boyfriend photography, and he took this one for me.
I'm still here - an update by OceanAtEndofTheLane
I think this is the first time in almost 2 years I have modeled for a photo without my mermaid tail. I started this account when I was a teenage in high school... now I am 30. How crazy is that?

I pretty much learned photography and modelling because I got into deviantART when I was a kid. It's crazy how a website can change your life. So for those wanting an update, my long time followers:

- The mermaid company is amazing, we've won awards, I've published 3 books, I travel, I have met famous people, and it's awesome

-I got two degree in university, and in addition to running my business and my team of 9- I also train Pilots how to fly planes. (random?)

-I still do the occasional music thing, but illness gives me hand tremors so I can't play guitar like I used to 

- I have been diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses. It was a long hard journey to find the right help and I feel like it ate up me entire youth, but at this point I seem to be doing OK

- Still with the same guy, 9 years later

-I don't really do nude modelling anymore, just once in a blue moon for :iconericbb: I have lost a lot of my body confidence due to my illnesses, and honestly I'm so busy with my business

- I don't really have time for photography outside of what I do for my business. I do take a  lot of photos of my team though. 

- I opened a mermaid school... how crazy is that?

- I adopted 3 cats. Does that make me a crazy cat lady???

-I got to #1 on the front page of reddit with my mermaid stuff, that was crazy too

Not really sure what else to say, haha. Thanks for those of you who stuck around. 

Mermaid Mimi is a Halifax Mermaid and has been a mermazing mermaid for years.

She recently had a little merling!

Mermaid is one of the sweetest mermaids on the planet. She is always helping others, kind, loving, and CONSTANTLY volunteers.  She’s made free mermaid tails for kids and makes frequent appearance for the local children’s hospital. Mimi is about to receive a “Life Saving Award” for saving a drowning child this past August. Though Mimi was 9 months pregnant at the time, she dove after a child who fell under and saved his life.

You may have seen Mermaid Mimi swimming in a colourful tail. Have you noticed she often wears skirts, sashes, and extra clothes with it? There’s a reason for that! Mermaid Mimi has an old mertailor tail that belonged to Raina. She has been making it work for YEARS despite the fact the entire thing is very seriously… TOO SMALL. The monofin is too small, the tail is too short! So Mimi hides the fact it’s too short, with fancy costume work!

Now, for years Mimi has been putting this tail to work and bringing joy to all those around her. The tail was made of Alex plus and neoprin so it has been falling apart. If you remember, I paid over $1000 for the tail that turned out to be a scam. But Mimi gets creative and has experimented with paints, fabrics, and sequins to keep this tail lasting.

Unfortunately the tail’s life has come to an end. It has practically disintegrated and we need to move to something new. In the past Halifax Mermaids won an award and was able to buy USED tails for our company, but we couldn’t get one in a size that would fit Mimi because she’s so tall!

Enter Merbella Studios…

Raina has another old tail, her very first silicone tail which was the first tail that Merbellas ever made. The tail was retired because the body is full of mold (having been one of the oldest silicone tails on the market, it’s had a lot of wear and tear) and the monofin inside broke. However, the monofin is the right size for Mimi and the fluke fits her well.

Raven the owner of Merbellas studios has offered to RECYCLE this mermaid tail to make it better than ever for Mimi! Even though the monofin can’t be fixed, Mimi is an incredibly confident and strong swimmer. Raven’s going to cut the body of the tail off, and remake it and re paint the whole thing to match Mimi’s original tail.

We’d love to be able to buy Mimi a new tail, but for now a recycled tail will do. With the difference right now between Canadian and American pricing, it’s just not feasible.

We have decided to see how much we can fundraise for this mermazing mermaid. We need $600USD plus a little extra for the gofundmefees. That’s not that much! If all the people Mermaid Mimi has helped chipped in a little, we’ll have the tail paid for it no time. ($821 CAD)

Mimi is the queen of recycling. She is always turning something old into something new, and teaching children how important it is. Please give this mermaid the chance to breathe new life into a tail that would otherwise never be used again.

All mermaids who donate to the Gofundme who don’t already have copies of my books: “Fishy Business: How to be a Mermaid” and “Fishy Business: My Life as a Mermaid” will be given free digital copies for donations of $20 or more.

We plan to do something special for the people who choose to donate. It’ll be a surprise.

Thank you so much and best fishes.

You can find the link here: ;

Hey folks, for all who didnt know my company won the contest! things have been super busy and a lot of big huge things are happening. I know I don't use this profile anymore, I wish I did but I just don't do anything other than mermaid stuff for the time being. 

I WISH I COULD MERGE ACCOUNTS. I wish i could just stick em both together so I wouldnt lose my ` or my watchers, or my DDs but move all the mermaid stuff over here. There's just so much. I don't want to reupload everything and drive my watchers nuts and have duplicates. 

But really if you wanna know what's up with me best thing is to follow :iconrainamermaid: I've been doing a lot of photography of the girls, and getting to do amazing shoots myself (like in aquariums). 

I'll write a proper update soon and hey I hit 12 years! wow 
HEY EVERYONE. We really really really need votes if you haven't already. We're in 5th place. We have to stay in the top 5 for two more days to have a chance at being seen by the judges. We have worked so so so hard for a month and endured a lot of stressful stuff from the competitors. We just want a fair chance, help us get that please! You can vote by going to this link:… If you want to share it and invite others to, you can do so by copying and pasting the link right from my status. That way it shows up properly. MUCH LOVE.
Hi everyone! We only have a short time to secure our spot in the top 5 for the adp contest. We really need to push! We appreciate all of your support. You can vote once a day for the rest of the month. Please invite your friends and family to vote too. This would make a huge difference to us. The site will NOT spam you. Much love and fish kisses...………
Hey folks, after loads of messages from fellow deviants I think I have decided what I want to do with this account. I'll be taking down some materials, and moving ALL mermaid stuff over to :iconrainamermaid: so if you only follow me for mermaid stuff please go there. Thanks to :iconoverdebated: I've got my mermaid account approved for film so you'll see some of our underwater filmings and performances over there :) I no longer offer stock as people started stealing my images for commercial things (against my terms) I actually ended up on a few book covers o_O (paid after the fact)

I will be doing some new work with :iconericbb: this week so basically this account will consist of AN and photos I've shot. Due to media coverage of the mermaid stuff and some high profile bookings I think I may have to take things away from here that identify me too much as to not create a conflict of interest. I am thinking I will also change my username.

In other news, I published a second book, travelling the world, been on TV loads and in music videos, lots of media coverage, done some amazing charity work, and basically make a full time living as a mermaid. I still have health issues but I keep fighting em.

I still do music occasionally but my illness causes hand tremors so I don't get to do it as much as I like.

I am still not feeling great about this "new" DA as this old fart calls it. I don't like the huge amount of art junk (screen caps, memes, stolen cartoon clips etc) and art theft going on. It doesn't seem to be managed at all I am getting reports from years and years ago in my notes. I also find it pretty hard to navigate and thank goodness for the seniors who have been around as long as I am holding my hand through getting re-acquainted lol. I think I have become the sterotype I hated haha. But that's life for you.

If you wanna see my links for what I am up to check em out now because I'll be removing them when I revamp this account

I have been on this site 11+ years and I've been through a lot of changes. I hate the way the new DA looks. ONe of the reasons why I like DA was how it stood out from other websites. Now it's trying to FB, trying to be tumblr. Trying to be instagram. There's so much junk on here that isn't allowed but never gets moderated (stolen work, screen grabs from TV shows, internet memes) it takes a lot of digging to discover new art. I have found in their effort to be more 'social' it's had the opposite affect for me. I liked art being the center of why we're social on here, and I feel it's lost that . I know from past experience DA could give a rats ass if people don't like something. It stays anyway. And things we do want take years. I just honestly... you get out of this community what you put into it and after all the perspective I have now after 11 years... I just dont care enough. They don't make me want to care enough. There's no advantage anymore for me to have an account. I have to wade through so much to find something.

Honestly, I plan on closing this account of 11+ years. I get way more attention and make WAY MORE SALES on other websites. DA just isn't what it used to be for me anymore.

Ugh I just... ugh what an eye sore this time lol.

Get the last look while you can. It'll all go in storage and as I back things up- be removed. It was fun while it lasted. I just don't see the point.

MY NEW BOOK IS NOW FOR SALE I AM SO EXCITED. Click my latest blog link to find out the different options you have for buying it!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who made this possible. Everyone who helped with the actual process, everyone who showed me support, all of my mermaids, Sean and every merwrangler who has ever jumped in to help, our business adviser Terry Norman, our friends and family, specific mers in the community who have been helping us with our business, and all you fans!!! I am so happy!…

A few days ago I hit 11 years on deviantART. Due to some circumstances in my life I may be storing some art from this account, or bringing the account to a total close. I haven't decided yet, it depends on the outcome of some big things and when I know I'll tell you, and it'll make sense. For now, you can see more of my mermaid stuff on…  and on my page :iconrainamermaid: I may just change the name on this account and use it strictly for nudes/my photography. I derno! Point being the mermaid stuff at the very least will start being moved (most of it is already on the other account anyway)

thanks for all the support for 11 years. Pretty trippy! 
I've been here over a decade, and I was always a pretty active user. But I find myself using the site less and less because I just can't stand getting through the insane amount of junk on here. Screen caps, art theft, sexualized minors, memes etc. Report it, and nothing ever happens, and when it does it's 6 months to a year later. It's disgusting. Yep, I get there's a LOT of content on DA but I get tired of that excuse. If you're going to be an art site, be a damn art site. :/

I closed my stock account. And I mainly use my mermaid account now, just so I can redirect people to the websites where I am more active.

I just feel like DA has become too junky for my time or any effort :/ it's too bad. I really used to feel like the site was on the forefront but it's faded away.
Hey folks! I am doing an Ask me Anything on reddit !! So if you'd like to ask this mer a question, please post on the thread. You can join if you don't have an account very easily.…

Also at the end of November I'll be closing my stock account :iconraine-angelstock: so if you want to use something, use it now!
Hey folks, I know I rarely update anymore... and I apologize. I'm so thankful for all your support... but I am so busy being a professional mermaid. It's really been crazy, and if you don't already follow me on facebook, please do so. (click for link!)

I am hoping to do some work with my great friend :iconericbb: this winter, so for those of you who follow me for that work, you'll have something to look forward to!

It's been a busy year, and if you didn't know already I published a book. You can see some info at and if you feel so inclined as to buy it, use coupon code FAST5 for 5% off (even ebook!) However I am no longer doing signed copies :) That was limited and the site needs to be updated. Book 2 is around the corner, it'll be based more specifically on my experiences this past year with lovely photos, less of a "how-to".

We also published a calendar for the purpose of raising money to buy the two other mermaids I employ a new tail!
Get 18% off our calendar by using the code FBC18 at checkout.

Click here for the Calendar Link. 

I've gotten to do so many things, I feel like I just haven't had time to keep connected with my DA fanbase, and I'm so sad about that! I do keep a blog, though I'll warn you it only focuses on the mermaid stuff (though it crosses over into many art areas) You can read it here. 

I'll be in NC in January for a mermaid convention too, woo woo!

Anyway, I feel so out of touch, I think come 2014 you'll see a lot more activity from me on here. For now I'm still running :icondeviantartmermaids: and trying to fill it with lovely art. Please, tell me how you are!  I want to know!

Yup happened at a gig today, whole funny photo and context on reddit here:… feel free to upvote if you think it's funny!
I did not realize I have 2000 watchers. Nor did I realize I passed my DA Birthday, and I've now been here for A DECADE. Holy. Crap. I was a blissfully ignorant teenager 10 years ago. I still remember the summer a friend showed me DA. So many crazy things have happened since then. Like, my mermaid world for instance. I just passed 4000 fans on my FB page. Please give me a like there if you haven't already:…

I'm not really sure what else to say. I still do a lot of photos, but their more personal and not something I think the majority of the internet would enjoy to see. I have learned a lot about underwater photography. I may do 1 nude shoot this year, I derno, I weigh like 40lbs more than I did 10 years ago haha it's a little harder to get up the nerve you know? I don't draw anymore, my hands tremor too badly. I play guitar once in a while. I really just spend all my time on my mermaid company. It's like I finally found the right "art" for me. Who knew it involved a giant fish tail?

Hope you're all well

I published a book :)

You can check out the website link to find out info about it, and how to order. It's kinda awesome. Selling like hot takes too!

This is an auto-bio of how I became a mermaid and turned it into a job and how someone else can too!

On Friday, I am publishing my first book: "Fishy" Business: How to be a Mermaid.

Fishy Business will be released Friday morning. To celebrate, I am doing a ustream at 6:30pm ADT. The ustream will be at this link:… you can create an account to sign in and chat, or you can log in with FB. If you aren't sure what 6:30ADT is in YOUR time zone, this link will show you my current time is, and you can figure out the difference from your current time:…

You can RSVP to the FB event page here:…
Tail Flip Magazine at a Glance

Follow Tail Flip on facebook:

What's Been Done Before

How to Submit Content:…

How to Get Involved:…

About Tail Flip:
The brain child of Raina the Halifax Mermaid Tail Flip would not be possible if not for her hard work and inspiration. While being assembled by Mermaid Sirena as are many of the advertisment.

Raina & Sirena founded this idea out of a common want for a magazine centered completely around the mer-community. Tail Flip is for the mer-community, and by the mer-community. It is intended to be a resource for you, an extension of the community, and a product of it. The majority of the articles are written or contributed by community members, & the few that aren’t were written upon request. You’re going to see some unique perspectives & hear more about projects!

There are so many interesting people in our world both mer & non-mer alike. There are so many who are concerned with the environment that an e-magazine was a unanimous choice. In addition, the magazine is completely free! This would not be possible without the volunteering of many members. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed, this is what community is all about!

Past Issues:

Click here to view the original image of 720x720px.

Issue #5

Cover photo by:
Free Dive Photo:
Cover model:…
This is Tail Flip Issue #5 You can read it here:…

Table of Contents for this issue:
Mernetwork Server Issues
Book review
Meet the Cover Model
Buoyancy and Sinking Tips
Mer of the Issue
Mer Model: Eric the Merman
How to Deal with Chlorine's Negative Effects
Mer world Online and Events
Interview with Clay mermaid
The Legend of the Kraken
Mer model: Ashley Nadine
Featured Tail Maker
The Road Home
DeviantART feature
Mermaid Jokes
Community Spread
Letter to the Readers

Click here to view the original image of 510x720px.

Issue #4

Cover photo by:
Greg Amptman's Undersea Discoveries, website:
Cover model:
This is Tail Flip Issue #4 You can read it here:…

Table of Contents for This Issue:
Protect our oceans with 10 easy steps
Mer of the Issue
Global Mermaid Faces
Derek Photography
DIY Treasure Chest
Aquarium Mermaids
Social Networking for Mers
Cover Model: Iona
Tail Care Maintenance
Mer Model Interview: Canadian Mermaid Marie
Book review
No Ordinary Treasure Hunt
Poem and Mers in Music
Mer Model Interview: Ide
Advice for booking a gig with Dr Sketchy
Rules for Dating a Mer
Featured Tail Maker
DeviantART feature
Mer World Events
Mer care for mer hair

Click here to view the original image of 510x720px.

Issue #3

Cover photo by: Peppi Portraits
featuring Mermaid Emily Drew:…
This is Tail Flip Issue #3 You can read it here:…

Table of Contents For the Issue:
Types of Swimmable Tails
The Fan list of Movies
Merpalooza 2012
Merworld Online
Upcoming Events
The Celtic Merrow
Cover Model: Emily
Cover Model: Alexandria
Glass Straws
Review: Lost Voices
Review: Seven tears Into the Sea
Artist: David Ayala
DIY: Treasure Purse
Mer of the Issue: Lanai
DeviantART feature
Mer of the Issue: Raven

Click here to view the original image of 509x720px.

Issue #2

Cover photo:
Photographer/Editor - Kimmy Stafford
Model/Costume Design - Alexandria Rose
Hair/Makeup - Kimmy Stafford and Alexandria Rose
Assistants - Johnathan Fine, Michael Gregory and Matt Brearley

This is Tail Flip Issue #2 You can read it here:…

Table of Contents for the Issue:
Interview: Carolyn Turgeon
Merworld Online
Upcoming Events
DeviantART Spread
Interview: Kae-leah
Allure of Weeki Wachee
Hidden treasures: Florida Springs
Wishing for Longer Hair?
How to Write a Review
Book review: Mermaid Wisdom
DIY: Mermaid Barrette
10 Tips to Becoming a Professional Mermaid
Mermaid Fashion

Click here to view the original image of 509x720px.

Issue #1

Cover photo shot by Susan Knight Studios:…
Model: Mermaid Cydney FB:…

This is Tail Flip Issue #1 You can read it here:…

table of Contents for this Issue:
The Mer Community
Mermen in the Community
Upcoming Events
Author interview
Alex plus and Tail Making
Mermaid Classes and Camps
Pacific Whale Foundation
World Mermaid Awards
Mer of the Issue
Mermaid Jewel
Mermaid Horoscopes
The latest issue of Tail Flip Magazine is posted. Feature Caroline the Lake Murray Mermaid as mer-of-the-issue, The Mermaid Atlantis as cover model, The Mertailor Eric Ducharme and The Mertailor’s Angelfish: Ashley Nadine as featured models, info from Iona the Mermaid on the MerNetwork status, along with some helpful pointers, a book review, movie review, a look inside of transgendered kid/mermaid Jazz and her TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation, Art pieces by Nerine the Arctic Mermaid and members from event listings, a collection of news features on mermaids, interview with AND SO MUCH MORE



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